All About Wigs

In Order to be irreplaceable one must always be different- Coco Chanel

Types Of Wigs

Wigs offer versatility, variety and protection for your natural hair. Alter Ego Hair offers several types of wigs

  • Custom Made Closure Units

  •  Lace Frontal Units

  •  360 lace Units

  •  Full Lace Units

Each type of wig unit has its pros and cons, not all units are created equal. 

Your lifestyle and activity level will determine what type of wig unit will work best for you. 


22" Straight 360 Lace Unit

22" Straight 360 Lace Unit

Inside of a custom made closure Unit

Inside of a custom made closure Unit


Custom Made Closure Units

Custom closure units are custom made using a sewing machine. Three bundles of hair and a lace closure are needed to construct the unit. Theses units are constructed on a breathable cap that is specifically measured to fit your head. This type of unit can be removed daily. It is best suited for someone that works out daily, needs frequent access to their natural hair and those who desire to sleep wig free!  


Lace Frontal Units

Inside of a lace frontal wig unit

Inside of a lace frontal wig unit

Lace Frontal Units are manufactured units designed exclusively for the Alter Ego Hair Collection. These units have 5" of Parting space in the front lace area which give deep middle parts and side parts and wefted tracks in the back. Lace frontal units can be worn up in a high bun and also worn glue-less with an elastic band attached.


360 Lace Units

360 lace units have 6" of lace that run around the entire perimeter of the head. This type of unit is best suited for those that prefer to wear extravagant up do's and styles. I do not recommend this type of unit to those that work out and sweat often, or those with a very busy lifestyle. The up keep and longevity of this type of unit is not best. This type of unit is best for special occasions and events.